Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where to begin?

If you have seen the facebook page (mark one at least) you will have read most of this but for those who haven't here is the story.

Amongst finishing uni, working part time and playing single mum to the worlds greatest one year old, I am hoping to still find time to sit down and start chatting with you all - and I hope a few of you get as excited as I am!!

My plan is to start a Not-For-Profit group that allows WHAP all over the country to share retail space and allow customers to touch and feel their items without having to market hop! Now dont get me wrong I love markets - but I know it doesnt work for some peoples product and it doesnt really work when you are a single mum with no family local to babysit all the time!

So at the moment this is a research project! I want to help you all (and myself) the best way I can so before I start anything solid I want to know what it is you want (too many wants and whats in that sentence, sorry).

Ok so Not-For-Profit unfortunately doesnt mean I can foot the bills. I am thinking there will be a monthly membership or collect a percentage of your sales. Maybe a combination of both. But this would be just to cover overheads not make money. I want an avenue we can all make money for the crafty wares we create I don't want to make money from yours. (will have to pay myself some wages along the way as I am realizing more and more the time this will take-but please know this too will be minimal) So please let me know your thoughts on this too!

I want what ever we come up with together to be affordable and easy for people to work with. I am thick skinned and keen to learn so don't be shy about giving constructive criticism. On the same note though I am a firm believer that positive thoughts and energy help us achieve great things so I ask for helpful, insightful, questioning comments but please no putting other peoples ideas down or being unnecessarily negative. Thanks :-)

I look forward to hearing your thoughts, suggestions, experiences etc