Friday, October 8, 2010

List. . .

I have SO many things to do and as I talked about a couple of weeks ago one of the biggest traps is getting overwhelmed by them all and therefore not achieving anything!

So today I am breaking these many tasks down into little jobs. And hopefully I can start to cross things off the list.

  • I need to send some more specific content details to the web designer,
  • Decide on a layout for the home page,
  • Work out a background for the site I am happy with,
  • I have a number of ppl who have expressed serious interest so to you all I need to send application forms and invoices - which leads to point two
  • I need to learn how to work my new invoice program - I think I just need a few hours to play with it
  • Email info to more ppl to encourage participation
  • I have a few blogs in mind to sponsor but would like to investigate them all more and narrow the list,
  • look at doing some print advertising - not until the site is live so a month or two before it is critical.
  • This blog is in desperate need of a face lift and while I can do some computer things websites and blog design is not one of them so todays task is tracking down a designer who can but for a reasonable price!
What's on your to do list?