Monday, December 6, 2010


And the countdown is finally on!

SEVEN DAYS - one week - less than 160 hours until launch date!

Will we be ready? I sure hope so. And I really think so yes! The list of things to do is long - and I am moving into a new house this week, just to add to the excitement of it all! So this time next week I may be very very tired but thats ok.

Once Buy Hand is up and running I am taking some time off from Monkey and Me and getting stuck into making some cool Chrissy Gifts for family and friends - not to mention enjoying my new home - which is on a tropical island by the way 100m from my front door to the ocean! So my little man and I will have plenty to do. I just hope he can bear with until then!

Do you have big plans for christmas? Or have you kept them little on purpose?

Always keen to hear how others celebrate the silly season - it is my favorite time of year.

I digress! Back to Buy Hand. So the site is just about about ready - I have a few more pages of content to write but not much now - mostly it is just all about getting your products on to the site ready for the launch!

The site is set to go Live Monday 13th Dec! And I dont know the logistics yet but I do think a glass of champaign and some good friends somewhere is the only appropriate way to mark the occasion!

I hope you all have a fabulous - I must get back to writing for the site. . .