Thursday, September 2, 2010

Business Plan

Do you have a business plan for your crafty businesses? And I mean the kind that others can read because it is written on paper in some sort of legible format.

I have spent 7 yrs studying part time at uni and will be the first to tell you all - you will FAIL without a business plan, and probably a marketing plan too. I have helped people write these over the years and actually enjoy making them workable, living documents. My theory is if the document itself isn't dog-eared from the constant reading, it failed you.

So, have I written one for Monkey and Me?

Have I written one for Buy Hand?

I am ashamed to say the answer to both of these questions is NO!

I can live with the Buy Hand - as that is the purpose of this blog and our Facebook page. I am hoping some people get excited enough by the idea that a few of us can write it together (hmmm maybe we can all write it via the blog?).

But I need to get one written for Monkey and Me ASAP. And if you want my advice - you need to too!

Leave a comment below and tell us all;

- do you have a business plan,
- if not do you want advice on how to write one?
- if you do, do you use it?

Thanks for joining us - have a great day!