Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Time Tip #3 - I like this one

Manage your Online Time

If you are planning to sit at your computer make sure you do so with a definite purpose in mind. It is important to spread the word and of course answer emails but if you are anything like me it can zap time away from your real purpose before you know it!!

It can help to keep a notebook by your computer and always list your goals and to-do lists in it, all in once place. I know we talked about lists the other day too but this has really helped me curb my online procrastinating. It helps prevent you from aimlessly checking email or surfing the net and getting lost.

Know what you need to accomplish, write it down, do it, and move on to the next activity. I keep a small notepad there and it is separate to my daily to-do lists that way I have no excuse for taking it away from the computer.

While we are on the topic of online time management and an other area I have to be very mindful of is checking your email all day, instead just check it two or 3 times a day (at most) and answer all the emails at the same time. You can set an alarm to go off in your phone if you like so you restrict yourself. Soon it will become habit.

Do you get on do the task and get off? Or do dawdle your way around facebook, twitter and the like??