Monday, September 13, 2010

Late but here it is! Time Tip #5

This was meant to be the best of the time tip blogs and yet it never happened!

Friday night my little guy was very unhappy - and from bed time to 4 am he did much more crying than sleeping - so mum did much more nursing, administer panadol, watching toy story, walking around the house, rocking, bouncing, and sympathy crying than she did blogging!

Saturday we both played catch up in the sleep department, Sunday I worked at an event (which helps the bank balance) and was asleep by 8pm! So Three days late but here it is - I didnt want to just skip it because I think it is the most important.

This - scratch that now - LAST week I talked about "Writing Lists" "Keeping a Diary - and living by it""Managing you Online Time" and "Valuing your Time" now if you manage to do all these things, or at least bits of all of them your time will become much more efficient! But there are always YOU can be more efficient, or business can, or you just might want to try something new. So one thing you need to remember when organizing your time is to

Set Aside Time To PLAN!! Or to THINK!

Oh the thinks you can think up if only you try - Dr Suess

Make sure you make time in newly regimented, diary strict life to sometimes just sit and think. Or jog and think, or knit and think - work out what works best for you. Me I need to brainstorm and prefer to talk or write things down. I am also my most creative at night time but since Little Monkey was born and I am SO tired I find early in the mornings is my best time for the more strategic planning.

Where or when do you do your best thinking?

Hope you have got something out of these tips - I sure have and writing them down makes me realise how slack I am at some of them so today I am hoping to turn a new TIME LEAF!!

I'll be sure to keep you posted on how that is working out for me! Hope you do the same :-)