Thursday, September 9, 2010

Time Tip #4 - Learn to Value your Time

It seems so simple but it is so hard to actually do. But it may just be the most important change you will make!

In a dollar sense it means that you are comfortable charging others for your lifetime of knowledge and experience. I know this one is very tough for me personally and lots of other WAHMs - we figure if we are sewing (or whatever clever thing you do) while the kids are sleeping or playing then we really couldn't be doing anything else so we shouldn't charge much for it. Well you could be doing lots of other things - SLEEPING too is the first one that comes to mind. So you need give yourself credit for what you are choosing to do with your time.

In a life sense it means you make the most of what you have chosen to do with each moment and don't allow yourself to get confused. Set work hours and work! (obviously if the kids are sick your be a nurse but then make time later on to make up the time) And on the same strict regime if you set family time don't check your emails. Life is short and you cant ever get your time back so make the most of it!!

And on that note I choose to go to sleep at 10;30 so night all. . .