Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Time Tip #2

Dont watch Rafters - oh but everyone needs a break!

Seriously though now that you have your diary and you can write down everything you need to remember you need to be smart about how you do that. Sit down and decide what are the milestones you hope to achieve - then break these down into smaller steps and if you can go smaller again.

This process will help you prioritize your tasks and ensure you are working towards the bigger picture in the most efficient way.

I have done this for both Monkey and Me and Buy Hand but given the week I have had and the changes I have made to my plans I really need to sit down and go over this again!

To start with I want the website up and running by the end of October and I would love to see at least 30 different sellers stocking their wares with us. So what are the steps I need to take achieve this?

Step one - meeting the web developer tomorrow so I can work out what budget I am up for.
Step two - go to work at my bread and butter job LOTS so I can get the extra cash together.
Step three - get stockist to commit and send product photos and info.

See just three steps and we are there - lol I think there are a few more really but you get the idea.

Do you know where you would like to be with your business in six months, or even one month from now?